How Trump health cuts will hurt Kenya
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Kenya faces deeper US aid cuts in President Donald Trump's proposals to dismantle his country's foreign aid agency and for a 30 per cent cut in aid.

All not lost between Kenya and US, Godec assures
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

All is not lost between Kenya and the United States even after cutting Sh2.1 billion aid to the health sector, Ambassador Robert Godec has said.

Machakos doctors issue strike threat
  Comments - 2 weeks ago

Doctors in Machakos County have issued a strike threat over alleged nonpayment of salaries for a period of three months.

Mombasa issues alert over Dengue Fever outbreak
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Mombasa County health officials have issued an alert over an outbreak of potentially fatal Dengue Fever after 150 cases were diagnosed with the mosquito-borne tropical disease in several health centers across the county.

Ugly side of test tube baby tech shows up in Kenya
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

With a law in place, there will be documentation on the real number of children on the streets born through the process and setting up of better services.

Alarm over shortage of nurses, doctors and midwives in Kenya
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

A new report states that Kenya is one of the 36 countries in Africa with a critical shortfall of health personnel which has affected access to quality health services and posed a challenge to achieving the country’s health agenda.

New drug to check HIV spread unveiled
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

People who are HIV-negative but at high risk of infection can now take an anti-retroviral drug to avoid contracting the virus.

HIV home test kits now in Kenya
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

The kit, which allows one to self-test in the convenience of their home, has 80 per cent rate of accuracy and targets sexually active, high-risk girls and young women aged 15 to 24.

Another pain for patients as medics strike over deal
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Medical services in some parts of the country are slowly grinding to a halt as strikes by health workers take off.

Study finds Nairobi pharmacies sell low quality generic drugs
  Comments - 3 weeks ago

Concern raised as medicine fail to meet internationally accepted benchmarks at the National Quality Control Laboratory.

Thousands of children miss out on life-saving vaccines
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

Kenya is failing to reach almost a third of its 1.5 million young ones born annually with crucial immunisation.

State of Sh38b health machines and why governors aren’t smiling
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

The big issue for the counties is that the project was rammed down the governors’ throats, without considering the special circumstances of different county governments.

World's first malaria vaccine will be available from 2018
  Comments - 4 weeks ago

The jab will be launched in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi in a pilot involving more than 750,000 children aged between five and 17 months.

The one dangerous thing women do during childbirth
  Comments - 1 month ago

Nine in ten women suffer some form of tearing during childbirth which can, in the more serious cases lead to incontinence and lifelong nerve problems.