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What the modern woman should be having in her bag

When it comes to stocking your bag essentials, everyone has their own unique way of doing it, but it wouldn’t be complete without these five items
By Esther Muchene 4h ago
Kenyans are currently holding their breaths with tension high in the air as they await the final elections results and this time not even memes or funny videos are calming the masses
By Lolita Bunde 7h ago
Although men who are sexually harassed do not speak up, statistically, more women than men are victims of sexual harassment
By Esther Dianah 8h ago
The only mistake was being caught. Cheating is not an accident, it is a choice that requires money and time
By Diana Makokha 9h ago
When you find a product that simply transforms your look for the better, it’s tempting to use it every day. Unfortunately, not all products are recommendable for daily use
By Pauline Muindi Aug. 11, 2022
Getting a date on social media may seem easy and fun but the one thing you must remember is to lower all your expectations
By Diana Makokha Aug. 11, 2022
While most parents may share a special bond with their children, not all are as lucky. Some, for one reason or another, drift from their children and lack a proper channel of communication
By Lolita Bunde Aug. 11, 2022
It is not unusual to spot couples sharing a sweatshirt here or a hat there, but do you ever wonder why women ‘steal’ men’s clothes?
By Kirsten Kanja Aug. 11, 2022
He moved from verbal abuse to slaps then kicks and one time he beat me so badly – he stepped on my chest and rubbed his feet on me like you would a rug at your doorstep
By Silas Nyamweya Aug. 10, 2022
The ongoing cold season may exacerbate the pain that comes with arthritis. Experts advise people to stay warm
By Rose Mukonyo Aug. 10, 2022
If Eve managed to convince Adam to eat the leftover fruit that the devil had recently bit into, you should be able to hack this
By Awuor Omino Aug. 10, 2022
In real life, emotional vampires don’t walk around with long fang-like teeth and dark cloaks. They’re people we interact with every day including our spouses, parents, relatives, and even bosses
By Esther Muchene Aug. 9, 2022