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The standard insider

Why sometimes you have to ‘divorce’ your parents, siblings

By Nancy Roxane | 21 hours ago

It doesn't make any sense to stand by people who continually make you feel like garbage just because you are related to them.

Hunters: Big cat tales from Olare

Unlike other leopards, Fig likes to show off, never afraid of entertaining visitors with her theatrics. I was among the fortunate few.

By Peter Muiruri | 1 week ago

Sex in marriage: How to spice up things in the bedroom

The husband-wife unit should be the most important relationship in one’s life. Nurture it. Give it the attention it needs to thrive.

By Susan Keter | 1 week ago

How playing video games can hurt your health

Most of the harm that come from gaming can be managed, if not avoided altogether, by limiting the number of hours spent in front of the screen.

By Boniface Mithika | 1 week ago



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