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The standard insider

Five dating tips for short men looking to find love

By Nancy Roxanne | 1 week ago

A man’s height, sadly, is something he is stuck with. Most women are unreasonably hang up on height when it comes to selecting a partner, and use it t

Tom Clancy's Without Remorse: The movie and the book

But when the movie Without Remorse was released, it called out to me differently. Tom Clancy is one of few authors whose complete works I have read an

By Ferdinand Mwongela | 1 week ago

Want that good job? How looking young can shape your career
Life Hacks

Murray was 29 years old, making him the youngest representative at the time. He had been endowed with unusually boyish features, and styled his hair w

By BBC | 1 week ago

How early egg freezing gives women options to have babies later in life

More women today are delaying having a baby for various social or career-related reasons more than ever before. 'According to the report of Society of

By Tony Mochama | 2 weeks ago



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