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The standard insider

Why Kenyan spouses stay in marriages after being cheated on

By Rose Murugi | 1 day ago

Some people cannot stand a cheating partner and will immediately pack a bag, vacate the marital home, and file for divorce.

Why sometimes you have to ‘divorce’ your parents, siblings

It doesn't make any sense to stand by people who continually make you feel like garbage just because you are related to them.

By Nancy Roxane | 6 days ago

Healthy relationship advice from long-married couples

Nowadays, people don't stay together for long due to issues that emerge as the relationship progresses.

By Rose Murugi | 1 week ago

Big money mistakes you are making in your twenties

Most of the mistakes made under this sector occur when we try to find ways to manage and handle the peanuts in our accounts.

By Miss Wanza | 1 week ago



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