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Adele 'finds love again with childhood friend and is ready for more kids'

While Adele appears to be keeping her new romance under wraps, sources have also suggested that the new couple are not opposed to having kids in the f

By Mirror | 18 hours ago


The standard insider

Woman finds out her boyfriend is having an affair after restaurant staff let it slip

By Mirror | 1 day ago

In another video, she explained that she had a "hunch" that he was cheating on her with another woman."She was everywhere, she was always around, you

Woman shares ‘72-hour dating rule' that will make life happier for you and your partner

But how can you work out when something is really worth arguing over, or if you should just let it go and not stress?One woman claims to have the ans

By Mirror | 1 week ago

Mental Health: Stay in the right headspace

Not only does your attitude control your mental and emotional state, but also your body function and consciousness.

By Nimoyo Salim | 1 week ago

How to get rid of nausea using alcohol
Life Hacks

Usually, we just try and let the feeling pass, hoping it will go away quickly and we can get on with our day.But sometimes it can linger for far too

By Mirror | 1 week ago



Avicii's heartbreaking final years wracked with pain and taking '20 pills a day'

The Swedish DJ sold tens of tens of millions of records and constantly sold out arenas, but behind the scenes, the pressures of fame saw him battle an

By Mirror | 19 hours ago

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