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The standard insider

Book Bunk: Restoring Nairobi’s iconic libraries

By Jaqueline Mahugu | 23 hours ago

Just two years earlier in 2017, Wanjiru and co-founder, Angela Wachuka had quit their jobs and registered Book Bunk to focus on the work of restoring

Puff and pass: How millions are smoking their way to the grave

James goes ahead to tell Health & Science his story as he carefully extracts the chaff from the product, occasionally rubbing it between his thumb and

By Sara Okuoro and Sarah Kamande | 6 days ago

How we got into world of insect farming during the pandemic

Ariwi realised that things would not go back to normal, and as the world suffered the heat of the pandemic, his firm’s fortunes took a nosedive. Then

By Jayne Rose Gacheri | 1 week ago

How to quit your job without burning bridges
Life Hacks

Imagine you just got what feels like a dream position in a different organisation. You are excited and looking forward to a new challenge. But of cour

By Tania Ngima | 2 weeks ago



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