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The standard insider

How online shopping is creating shopaholics

By Bradley Sikolia | 1 day ago

Secondly, the internet has revolutionised almost every aspect of our lives. Today’s breed of compulsive shoppers do not have to walk into a stall or s

Book Bunk: Restoring Nairobi’s iconic libraries

Just two years earlier in 2017, Wanjiru and co-founder, Angela Wachuka had quit their jobs and registered Book Bunk to focus on the work of restoring

By Jaqueline Mahugu | 2 days ago

How former hawker found success in the timber business

She was first employed at a timber yard in Meru. However, a logging ban in 2018 would seen the timber yard shut returning her to square one. But Kath

By Ishaq Jumbe | 6 days ago

Five things to consider before lending money to a workmate

This is an important thing to remember, particularly if the officemate asking to borrow money is not a close friend. Explain that you’re doing it to

By Yvonne Kawira | 1 week ago



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