Mwende Mwinzi: Events that changed my life's focus
Sunday Magazine
By Jacqueline Mahugu
2 hours ago
State missing as artists struggle
Standard Entertainment
By Muhunyo Maina
2 hours ago
George Wackoyah's humour and other jokes erode our value system
David Oginde
By David Oginde
11 hours ago
Winnie Odinga: Why Martha Karua's nomination is a big win for women
By Nathan Ochunge
19 hours ago

Land tops Ruto and Raila agenda for Coast

In his manifesto, Ruto has promised to set aside Sh150 billion as a resettlement fund to address the issue of land fragmentation.
By Benard Sanga and Joackim Bwana 48 minutes ago

UK-Rwanda asylum deal

UK-Rwanda asylum deal
By Gado 1 day ago


Raila's visit to Nyanza fuels sibling rivalries as elections near

The contests and the appetites for seats has soured relations between candidates in Raila’s camp, with fears that the tensions within the coalition could scuttle some of his presidential votes.
By Standard Team 1 hour ago

Ruto's plan: Winner or ammunition for rivals?

Pundits believe Ruto could have unwittingly set himself up for failure by making promises without considering that, even if he won, there are circumstances that could impede his ability to deliver.
By Allan Mungai 1 hour ago
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