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Navigating adult friendships requires time, emotions and love

Have you ever thought deeply about your friends, who may or may not be in your life? Have you rated your ability to make good friends? Have they been loyal or backstabbers?
Many want to be famous or socialites as they call it. But will you be a socialite until you are 85 years old?
By Ainea Bolingo Mar. 28, 2023
With women doing most of the shopping in the home, as well as actively participating in every other purchase, appealing to them is increasingly important for brands
By Kirsten Kanja Mar. 27, 2023
Many new mothers may begin to think about having another baby soon after giving birth. However, it is essential to know how long to wait after giving birth before getting pregnant again
By Fay Ngina Mar. 26, 2023
A blended family contains two or more children, of whom at least one is the natural or adopted child of both members of the couple, and at least one is the stepchild of either partner in the couple
By Kirsten Kanja Mar. 26, 2023
I have been on my own for a while, and am finding it hard to start dating again. I am nervous and wary about men. Am I destined to become an old maid?
By Chris Hart Mar. 25, 2023
Everyone needs to be held, that’s why women find Ben 10s and gym instructors for it while men go for younger babes or side chics
By Elvinah Obuya Mar. 24, 2023
Always ask yourself, why? Then the ‘because’ reason will always give you an answer. Remember, when something is free, you are the product
By Ainea Bolingo Mar. 22, 2023
There are only nine fellowship-trained and qualified interventional radiologists in Kenya, and only one of those is female, Dr Felister Wangari Maina
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 21, 2023
“Exes are one of the weirdest aspects of being in a relationship. It’s hard not to wonder about your partner being with another person"
By Kirsten Kanja Mar. 20, 2023
Today, Salome Ngugi is East Africa’s marketing manager for BIC
By Nancy Nzau Mar. 19, 2023
Today’s educated, sophisticated and successful women are willing to share a man and knowingly get into a polygamous union
By Annie Awuor Mar. 18, 2023