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FarmKenya Farmer's Market: Soko Mkononi

The FarmKenya Farmers’ Market is an online classifieds service where farmers can list their crops & livestock for buyers to see. Farmers use our Free SMS service by texting SOKO to 40446. Buyers download the FarmKenya App on Google Play Store or Apple Store to see what products have been posted by farmers for sale, and can call and discuss with farmers directly - for Free!

  1. Sign up for Free. No smartphone? No airtime? No problem! All you need is a simple mobile phone to send a Free SMS to 40446.
  2. Share your Crops & Livestock for sale. Once you have sent an SMS, you will receive some questions about you and your farm. Answer the questions, and your information is automatically shared with hundreds of buyers - and it’s all FREE!
  3. Wait for a Buyer to Contact YOU. If a buyer is interested in your produce, they will call you.
  4. Other Free Benefits - As we expand the service, farmers can receive promotions and discounts on farm inputs, farming advice, and other information. FarmKenya will always be FREE.

  1. Find Produce: The FarmKenya App enables you to search produce near and far ahead of time and connect with new farmers at the touch of a button.
  2. Track your Business: Keeping track of your produce sourcing business is easy in the FarmKenya App. As you update your profile, you'll find it easier to reconnect with your growing network of producers.
  3. Grow your network: FarmKenya enables you to connect with new areas, crops and farmers. We focus on growing our network of farmers through strategic partnerships so you can focus on your business. You can follow farmers and make sure you know when they are harvesting their next crop or livestock.


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