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Why most parents play favourites with their children

Research shows that most parents have a preference for the ‘baby’ of the family even though they will not openly admit it
By Gloriah Amondi 1d ago
There is no guide or manual for parents to follow after receiving news that a child is having mental problems
By Esther Muchene 1w ago
As the world celebrates Father’s Day, we look at how different generations of fathers have approached their duties through the shifting sands of societal expectations
By Peter Muiruri 1w ago
Parenting is a wonderful experience until your child reaches the terrible twos stage when everything becomes difficult
By Esther Muchene 2w ago
Sad fishing is when you give your social media followers the false impression that you are in distress or perhaps suicidal in order to seek public sympathy
By Esther Muchene 3w ago
They say charity begins at home and what you teach your son now is what he will take out into the world
By Esther Muchene 4w ago
Even though it is said that you should trust your nanny, which you do, it never hurts to have that camera installed just in case
By Esther Muchene 4w ago
Baby fever may be thought to be something only women experience, but there comes a time in every man's life when he longs to be a father just as bad
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
“I had to put the needs of my children first. Children are always innocent and should not have to suffer because their parents are no longer together.”
By Annie Awuor 1mo ago
The cold season is classily known as ‘baby making weather’ because it comes with baby fever, which makes most couples, even singles feel compelled to procreate
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
The best part about Mother’s day the appreciation. And if you are not good at gifting here are places you can take your mum for some fun
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
To all the fabulous mom’s out there, happy Mother’s day! This is your time to shine and be pampered because being a mom is no easy task
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago