• Three YouTube vloggers die in waterfall accident

    5 months ago
    Shannon Falls is the third highest waterfall in British Columbia, reaching a height of 1,009 ft.

    1 year ago
    Filled up my love tank with soul sessions, courtesy of some of my favorite girls this week! My heart feels so happy when I get in some girl time!
  • Are Youtubers the newest professionals in town?

    1 year ago
    Someone remind me why my parents struggled to put me through school? I was reminded recently that it is possible to make money doing absolutely anything, if what I have observed on the internet is to be believed.
  • My day as a work-at-home mom

    1 year ago
    A day in the life of a ‘work-at-home’ mom. Yesterday I closed the door on formal employment and entered into this new, strange and scary world of mompreneurship. Today's vlog is all about closing some doors and opening others. Enjoy!
  • Campus Beauty: 100 words on why vlogging is the way to go

    2 years ago
    I love Vloging. Vloging is a lifestyle one has to create and seeing how many hits some of these guys were making on YouTube, I had a drive to pursue my ambitions.