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Ingredient of the week: Red leaf lettuce

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Lettuce leaf in Kiswahili is known as jani la lettu. Red leaf lettuce has same nutritional profile as green leaf and romaine lettuce. The one difference is that red leaf lettuce has a shorter shelf life than most other varieties even though all lettuce varieties are highly perishable. Leaf lettuce is rich in potassium and contains carotenoids. It is the perfect and traditional base for the Caesar salads. It makes for a great snack packed with nutrients that boost immunity, is low in calories and is full of fiber. It is advisable to consume lettuce within a week of buying it if well stored. Do not wash it before storing but only when ready to use. Wrap with old newsprint paper and store it in the fridge. If you have no fridge, stand the lettuce in a bowl/basin of room temperature water. A few years back, it was difficult to find any kind of lettuce except the iceburg lettuce variety. Today, most if not all, vegetable markets and supermarkets sell red leaf lettuce. Price range: Sh20-50 depending on size and location. 

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