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Tips to save for your first car

Purchasing a car can be an expensive endeavour, especially for young people who are just starting out in their careers
By Lolita Bunde Apr. 21, 2023
It is difficult to manage your finances. Even without the bleak economic outlook, and the stubborn flour prices, budgeting one’s meagre earnings is difficult
By Brian Guserwa Apr. 11, 2023
If financial independence sits at the top of your resolutions list this year, a chama may be the bridge to that dream
By Esther Muchene Jan. 11, 2023
December comes with a lot of parties to attend, gifts to buy and trips to take, all of which can quickly distract you from your goals, especially when you’re on a budget
By Esther Muchene Dec. 25, 2022
The vicious cycle of lavish Decembers and dry Njaa-nuaries could be broken with a few financial tips
By Eve Waruingi Dec. 14, 2022
Budgeting during the festive season doesn’t sound fun, but this is a financial move that will help you stay secure as the New Year fast approaches
By Esther Muchene Dec. 13, 2022
We frequently hear unpleasant stories about couples who either have joint bank accounts or don't, which makes you wonder which is actually the safer option for couples
By Esther Muchene Dec. 7, 2022
Before you decide to break your savings, here are a few points to help you figure out if it is truly the right move
By Esther Muchene Nov. 28, 2022
Before you decide to break your savings, here are a few points to help you figure out if it’s truly the right move
By Esther Muchene Nov. 21, 2022
The average family spends more than 17 per cent of what it budgeted for its holiday in unexpected costs
By Fay Ngina And Kirsten Kanja Nov. 12, 2022
It’s time to reassess why your plan hasn’t been effective and what you can do about it
By Esther Muchene Oct. 17, 2022
Women who earn more than their husbands are finding their marriage lives rougher, even as men find it hard to keep up with women financially
By Gloriah Amondi Oct. 15, 2022