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Why the BET Awards red carpet has people talking

The BET red carpet this year was unlike anything we're used to; celebs wore daring, striking outfits that have evoked mixed reactions online
By Peris Wambugu 6d ago
Even though dark people are less susceptible to sunburns, the sensation can still be as painful and irritating
By Esther Muchene 1w ago
If you are looking for a simple and smart skincare guide, this is for you. We have broken down a 10- step daily beauty routine you can focus on
By Pauline Muindi 1w ago
You don't have to buy face scrubs when all the ingredients you need are in your kitchen
By Pauline Muindi 3w ago
Masks have been all the rage and in recent years, they have evolved from the clays and creams of the past
By Pauline Muindi 1mo ago
With Fenty Beauty offering over 50 shades of foundation for black women, the struggle of being a dark-skinned woman may finally be over
By Lolita Bunde 1mo ago
It’s normal for your skin to lighten a little when toning or using some products to reverse hyperpigmentation however this is not the same as bleaching
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
Enlarged pores are a beauty issue that many people deal with. When your pores are too large, it is difficult to get the highly-coveted “glass skin” look
By Pauline Muindi 1mo ago
Whether we recognize them or not, beauty standards exist. They have the ability to influence how we feel about ourselves, which is what makes them so dangerous
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
The most difficult skin to work with is sensitive skin. And dark skin can accentuate some of these issues, particularly when it comes to dryness
By Esther Muchene 1mo ago
A professional pedicure once a month is amazing. However, if you cannot get to the nail salon or you are operating on a tight budget, a DIY pedicure will do just fine
By Pauline Muindi 1mo ago
With the theme being “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”, many attendees took direct inspiration from the Gilded Age, an era that saw America transformed at the end of the 19th century
By Peris Wambugu 2mos ago