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Men can’t resist panty-less women?

In the beginning we ran a piece about city women going commando. Back then, our research showed that fashion was the main contributing factor.Many months down the line we did another research and this time we involved the men's thoughts on what they thought of this fashion fad. A previous in-house research we conducted revealed that some men find the thought of a panty-less woman intriguing. Just imagining a woman is panty-less and lust levels instantly soar, they said.

Professor Okumu Bigambo a sociologist lecturer at Moi University however claims that everyman's preference depends on his background and surroundings:"Not wearing underwear is widely considered to be immodest and socially unacceptable if the crotch area becomes exposed, but can be a part of some sex fantasies and of some pornographic films," he says adding that going commando " are uncertain, with some of the conservative men that it may referring to being "out in the open" or "ready for action.

He divides these preferences into three levels:-

The perverted brothers

These are the type of brothers who hug random women in the bar while they run their hands down the woman's derriere in search of a panty line. They go as far as grabbing a woman's behind just to confirm their fantasy.

Most men on this level think of a woman without panties as inviting. They find not wearing underwear to be sexually exciting, and some people regard knowing that their sex partner is not wearing underwear to be erotic. "Inside every man there is a rapist. Be it the Pope or President Barrack Obama. The thought of a woman without panties is very exciting and gives you and instant satisfaction knowing that the only barrier is her skirt or dress," Travis Momanyi a media practitioner says.

Most of the men on these men claim that this fashion fad can also be used to spice up a relationship.

"I like to send my partner a text during the day asking her to wear a skirt, no panties' for our date night. It's the naughty thoughts of her without panties across the table make her look more attractive. Men should try such little things often to avoid straying," a recently married musician who sought anonymity told us. Men of this level also love such women because they are believed to be very adventurous where bedroom matters are concerned.

"I find them wild and crazy. I would really love to date a woman coz they look like they can get kinky and do unimaginable things," Fred Omondi, a marketing executive says adding that most of them are 'ladies in the streets and freaks in the sheets!'

The Mystery seeker

Most men in this level are simply a mild version of their perverted counterparts. They are the curious type that walks around the dance floor asking women "Hey I can't see a panty line. Are you really wearing anything down there?" The level of misinformation and assumption leads to curiosity as to what happens when a commando woman is at that time of the month.

"I really don't know how women without panties survive. Most of us believe that women are always leaking down there. I have always wanted to sit down with a woman and have her explain to me like a child how they manage to keep the vaginal fluids from soiling their clothes," James Mwenda an IT practitioner wonders. Some assume that these women just want to air their privates and also avoid unwanted turn-ons

"As a man who does not wear undies, I believe that it helps them to stop masturbating a lot. I don't see any other reason beyond that," Olwenya Maina, an actor, says.

Most men on this level do not really care whether a woman is in panties or not. They just want to know why they do not wear them.

The Shagz modo

These are the conservative types who still believe that a wife material is a woman who goes to church, sings in the choir and wears long skirts.

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Such men find commando women quite disgusting and with loose morals. "Commandos in my view are mostly seductresses who thrive in torturing the male species with wild desires. Some could also be sweaty down there and are simply looking to airs themselves," a journalist who sought anonymity said.

Most men on this category are also worried that a woman could easily develop a rash that can result from the delicate skin down below chafing against your pants.

"I have heard about pubic lice and parasites that are usually transmitted via sex but can live on towels and other surfaces. What happens if women don't wear panties? Won't these parasites have a direct path to their privates," Jack Mulochi, a lawyer and pastor wonders. Jack goes on to question the motive behind not wearing undergarments.

"Do they go telling everyman they meet that they are naked underneath? What is the difference anyway?"

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