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These are the mind blowing benefits of the shower intercourse

It does not hurt to be adventurous with your partner when it comes to intimacy. There are many methods to spice your sex life and one of the mind-blowing ways is to make love in the shower. The shower sex is a fun way to change the normal intimate routine.

Here are its benefits and why every couple should try:

  • It’s sensual

Having sex in the bedroom is very common among couples and it can become boring as time goes by. That has to be rectified by making love in different places like the kitchen, backyard, bathroom and the list is endless. Having fun together with a bar of soap and running water is very sensual and a turn on. The shower sex is an erotic activity for couples that are trying to be creative with their sex life. To make it romantic and a night to remember, try dimming the lights and have scented candles instead.

  • It guides the couple to try new positions

Every couple may have tried the usual positions every now and then in bed. What about the shower? The shower sex is a perfect position for a direct penetration with no struggles.

A great position for this type of intercourse is when you are facing each other. If one of you is taller than the other, try a face the wall position. These two positions will give the couple sensations that are never felt in the bedroom.

Since every couple has their own positions, they can try it out always but be careful not to slip.

  • It’s naughty

It’s naughty because it’s all about trying different sex positions and playing sex games while standing under running water. This intercourse brings out the wild of the couple because there are no sheets/blankets. Men love seeing women bold, nude and wet in the shower. Shower sex should be a must try!

  • It’s fun

Taking a shower always gives this relaxing mood that is heavenly. But picture doing it with the love of your life, it will be really fun. The fun comes in when there is the making out, caresses, sensations and sharing the love you both share. It’s thrilling and make the love session a memorable experience.


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