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Reproductive health: Why you keep having yeast infections

Although many women get this infection at least once in their lives, there is a percentage that struggles with a chronic form of infection
By Esther Muchene 22h ago
The ongoing cold season may exacerbate the pain that comes with arthritis. Experts advise people to stay warm
By Rose Mukonyo Aug. 10, 2022
Your body is exposed to numerous disease-causing agents day in and day out. With the energy of youthfulness, it is easy to overlook certain symptoms
By Nancy Nzalambi Aug. 2, 2022
Colder seasons have long been associated with various health conditions, and appropriate preventive and remedial measures should always be the norm
By Dr Alfred Murage Aug. 2, 2022
Douching, the process of cleaning the vagina with water or other cleansing fluids, is reportedly practised by about one in four women
By Dr Alfred Murage Jul. 29, 2022
There is more and more complexity in medical circles, sometimes to the extent of causing harm to patients
By Dr Alfred Murage Jul. 27, 2022
The process of making healthy living your lifestyle is a learning curve and these are some tips you could use
By Esther Muchene Jul. 24, 2022
“I thought all ladies receive their periods at the end of the month?” is just amongst the many period myths and beliefs people should stop believing
By Tamarah Patience Jul. 20, 2022
If you work at night, you are most likely going to compromise your health. Your brain could thrust into foreign territories that might affect the functioning of your body
By Peter Theuri Jul. 19, 2022
Headaches can be caused by a number of things from dehydration to stress and most people don’t think much of them. But here are signs that mean you should worry
By Esther Muchene Jul. 16, 2022
Many people maintain a heightened awareness of their health status while others go by symptoms, and recommended health screening programmes. Which is better?
By Dr Alfred Murage Jul. 8, 2022
Even though cooler temperatures are a big relief from a prolonged spell of blazing heat, it comes with newer issues to contend with
By Dr Alfred Murage Jul. 6, 2022