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Men's irrelevance for sex, reproduction is coming at us fast

Sexual pleasure faces stiff competition from all sorts of artificial gadgets. Science is already advanced enough to negate sex as a means of reproduction
By Dr Alfred Murage Apr. 19, 2024
The 21st Century has been characterized as a century of significant lifestyle diseases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2022, 1 in 8 people were living with obesity
By Elizabeth Wasunna Apr. 12, 2024
Several women have suffered obstetric violence (OBV) at the hands of healthcare workers instead of receiving respect and dignity during the labour and delivery process
By Beverly Mumbo Otieno Apr. 8, 2024
The list of diseases associated with alcohol is long and includes liver disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease
By Dr Alfred Murage Apr. 5, 2024
Eating keeps our bodies going, but sometimes instead of feeling energised after a meal, we can feel a little dizzy and disoriented
By Ryan Kerubo Apr. 2, 2024
Cigarette smoking remains a major cause of premature deaths worldwide. This is despite all the global anti-smoking efforts, which nevertheless have continued to gain traction
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 29, 2024
Whenever you have reason to see a doctor, it’s likely that you just don’t see any by chance, unless it’s an emergency
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 22, 2024
In the realm of oral discomfort, cold sores can be painful and unsightly, an expert helps us understand the pesky blisters and master their management 
By Ryan Kerubo Mar. 20, 2024
The main drivers of self-taken medical samples are convenience and privacy. You do not need to make any appointments or wait out in never-ending queues within medical lab facilities
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 15, 2024
In a world where diets and lifestyles are constantly changing, maintaining an ideal weight can be challenging
By Ryan Kerubo Mar. 14, 2024
There was a time when a large waistline was synonymous with wealth and well-being. But that's no longer the case. It's long been known that a large waistline is linked to several diseases
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 12, 2024
The list of medical conditions linked with alcohol is pretty long and includes liver disease, cancers and cardiovascular disease
By Dr Alfred Murage Mar. 8, 2024