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Women with severe period cramps at risk of getting hooked on painkillers

Menstruation cramps have hugely contributed to drug misuse, women who experience severe cramps rely on painkillers to go about their daily business
By Rosa Agutu Sep. 28, 2023
The burden of having children and the shame of not having them falls entirely on women, even though men account for 40 to 50 per cent of all infertility cases
By La Patrona Sep. 16, 2023
In any case, never hesitate to seek a second opinion if you feel it is necessary. You are free to seek a second opinion at any point in your medical relationship
By Dr Alfred Murage Sep. 15, 2023
A new statistical analysis found that women who work as hairdressers, accountants, or in the construction or clothing industry may have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer
By Nancy Nzau Sep. 14, 2023
Your vagina should not smell like roses and perfume, and that little whiff you may get from your ‘lady bits’ is healthy
By Kirsten Kanja Sep. 9, 2023
Premature death is defined by WHO as death before the age of 70. But that age is dependent on many factors, from socio-economics to ready availability of health services
By Dr Alfred Murage Sep. 8, 2023
There’s an ethical principle called medical candour, which should be upheld by every medic. Any medic who finds it hard to share medical details with patients should be in a different profession
By Dr Alfred Murage Sep. 1, 2023
Just like everyone pees and poops, everyone passes gas. But for some people, it emits a foul odour that can be disgusting
By Dr Alfred Murage Aug. 26, 2023
Sexual and reproductive problems vary. But whatever the problem is, seeking help from qualified professionals is the right way
By Naomy Ng'endo Aug. 23, 2023
Competition among healthcare service providers means each player has to enhance their visibility to potential clients. Even if it means faking it
By Dr Alfred Murage Aug. 11, 2023
We're told to brush twice a day, which most of us do, but what about our tongues? Our tongues are often the perfect place for bacteria to thrive if we do not brush enough
By Esther Muchene Aug. 10, 2023
“They’re bundles of cloth-wrapped herbs marketed as vaginal or uterus cleansers and detoxifiers. You shouldn’t be putting them inside your body for 1 minute, let alone the 24 to 72 hours”
By Kirsten Kanja Aug. 8, 2023