Evewoman : How long do women wait before sleeping with a new man? The results may surprise you

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How long do women wait before sleeping with a new man? The results may surprise you


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Women wait two to three weeks before sleeping with a new partner
Women wait three weeks before sleeping with a new partner

A new study shows when women think is the best time to get intimate with a new man – and how long it takes for men to commit

Women wait three weeks and until the fifth date before having sex in a new relationship, a survey reveals.

They typically wait between two and three weeks before sleeping with a partner for the first time, with 32% waiting until the fifth date.

Women are also shown to be a bit more coy when it comes to having sex on the first date, with only 15% saying they would go for it, compared to 26% of men.

Even fewer women would take the plunge on the second date, with just 13% saying they would go the whole way, compared to 16% of men.

When it comes to kissing, both sexes are much more open.

Out of the 2,225 people questioned by the sex toy firm Lovehoney, which looked at how long men and women take to reach to meet significant dating milestones, 72% of both men and women revealed they share their first kiss on the first date.

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And while men might be more keen to jump into bed with a new partner, they are also more open to being lovey-dovey.

A quarter of men surveyed first mention "love" in the first month of dating, compared to just 16% of women.

Just less than a quarter of men wait till the second month, compared to 21% of women.

Women, on the other hand, are happiest waiting till the FOURTH month before telling their partner they love them.

And three-quarters of men would expect to tell their partner they loved them first – compared to just 44% of women.

Women are also slower to show their hand when it comes to introducing new partners to parents.

Men typically wait till the eighth date – around a month into the relationship – before allowing a new partner to meet the parents.

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But just 27% of women would be comfortable meeting the parents after eight dates.

A quarter of women would rather wait four months before meeting the parents, whereas just 13% of men are happy to wait this long.

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Men also change their Facebook status to indicate they are in a new relationship far more quickly than women.

Just over three out of ten men will do this after eight dates, compared to just 27% of women.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said the survey shows that men "like to get a move on" – not just when it comes to sex, but commitment too.

"They are keener to tell their partner they love them but also to outwardly recognise this commitment by changing their Facebook status and introducing their loved one to their parents," he said.

"Women are a little more wary - preferring to take their time before revealing similar levels of commitment.

"I think what is encouraging is that British men's stiff upper lip seems to have disappeared completely.


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