Evewoman : Eating more garlic could help improve your memory

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Eating more garlic could help improve your memory

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From ancient times garlic has been used for both its flavour and medicinal properties. In ancient India and China, it was used to treat digestive problems. It is no wonder that it is now being discovered that it can increase good gut bacteria and consequently help in countering memory loss.

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A study carried out by Dr Jyortirmaya Behera and Dr Neetu Tyagi found that eating garlic could help reduce the rate of memory loss in the elderly.

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According to their findings, a compound in garlic called allyl sulphide adds good bacteria to your gut which improves your overall health. As you get older, the amount of allyl sulphide in your gut reduces causing you to not only have a more complicated digestion but also to lose your memory.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are diseases that are associated with the elderly. Among the host of symptoms that accompany these diseases is the loss of one’s memory.

The study was conducted on rats which were fed this compound and it was found that as their gut-health improved so did their long-term and short-term memories.

The researchers now intend to conduct further studies so as to find out the connection between the gut bacteria and memory.

Tyagi explained, "We want to better understand how changes in the gut microbiota relate to aging-associated cognitive decline."

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