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Yes Please! How to make mango jam

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Sweet and nutritious, surprise the family with this easy to make bread mango spread. Save some coins and get a couple of jars for the month.

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Yields about: 3-4 jars

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes

Ready In: 1 hour


1 kg ripe mangoes, unpeeled

1 cups white sugar

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¾ cups water

2 saffron threads (optional)


Boil, steam or microwave the mangoes without peeling, until soft.

Set aside and leave to cool. Once cool, peel then put the mango pulp in a large bowl, use a fork or potato masher to mash the pulp well.

If you desire smooth jam, place the pulp in a blender and blend until smooth.

Place the sugar and water in a large cooking pot over low heat, stir mixture and bring to a boil.

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When mixture begins to boil, increase the heat to medium-high, continue boiling until fine, soft threads form.

Stir in the mango pulp, add the saffron threads, if desired, and boil for five minutes or until the mixture thickens.

Pour cooked jam into sterilized jars, allow to cool, then seal.

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