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Ruth Ambogo speaks after Fadhili Wilkins expose

Fadhili Odinga Wilkins (left) and Ruth Ambogo [Courtesy]

Fadhili Odinga Wilkins is a man who until January 26 projected a rich, enviable personality which would easily get him a slot as on Forbes Africa Top 40 under 40.

However, after a story of his supposed treacherous journey in life was highlighted, dissenting voices have come up which cast doubts into his claims.

His former start-up partner Ruth Ambogo highlighted how BBC anchor Larry Madowo distanced himself from claims by the businessman that he was working to position the former NTV anchor as a global brand.

With that, Pandora’s Box swung open, with other people he had allegedly conned led by Ambogo coming forward.

Speaking to EveWoman, Ambogo claimed that Wilkins is a con who has made money swindling unsuspecting members of the public.

She said that when she realized he was a con, she had to fight through hook and crook to get her money back.

“Someone had tagged me through a post he had made seeking young people to work on a project, claiming that he was looking for young focussed people with an eye on entrepreneurship. Of course I checked out his profile; 40 under 40, he had apparently won Sh16.5 million, … So when you see all these things especially if someone has been listed in Top 40 under 40 you do not have any reason to doubt that they could be conmen or anything…” narrated Ambogo.

There is more….

“When the whole thing went sour I called him one day and I told him I want us to meet and discuss the way foward… Of course I had found all these people and I wanted to question his motives? Did he even go to Daystar? Did he even graduate with the masters degree he was talking about? Did he even win Sh16 million? Does it even exist? Those were some of the questions that were now in my mind. I called him for a meeting and I recorded the whole conversation…. The thing about Wilkins is that when you expose him, he always admits; anakuambia oh I am so sorry, I will change…” She added.

Through a thread on Twitter that has trended for the better part of the day, Ambogo outlined how the dealings with her former partner went south.

I thought it best to give this revelation a dissertation-like title becoz folks this is indeed one.
I am exposing @wilkinsfadhili in this thread

Coffee is served stay tuned?


— Ruth Ambogo (@RuthAmbogo) January 27, 2019

Ambogo, noted that considering the amount of heat her expose has generated, there could be more victims while at the same time refuting claims that she had a relationship with Wilkins.

“I am getting a backlash because I raised the alarm. Some of the people who he was working with are now writing on WhatsApp that he told them I was one of those chicks who wanted him, 'yeye akakataa',  claims that do not make any sense,” she lamented.

She also raised concerns on the credibility of a story that was published by The Standard.

The Group is currently actively investigating the allegations raised by Ambogo.

“We have seen the tweets and readers’ comments on an article on Wilkins Fadhili Odinga. We are actively investigating and have reached out to Ruth Ambogo. At this early juncture, we wish to assure our readers that we are taking this seriously and will take firm action on the findings,” Editor.

Efforts to reach Wilkins were futile.

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