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Natural ways you can get rid of belly fat

 A lot of women struggle with belly fat and how to reduce it (Image: Shutterstock)

Any woman can tell you about the struggles of getting and maintaining the perfect waistline. It has almost become an everyday struggle with women seeking new and easier ways of getting rid of tummy fat.

This can sometimes toy with our self-esteem especially when we cannot freely rock crop tops, don those low rise jeans and short skirts without factoring in tummy fat.

The internet is rife with different ways of getting rid of belly fat, from exercising, green tea, watching your diet to extremes like surgery. But is it ever worth it?

Here are natural ways of losing that belly fat without breaking a sweat:

Avoid foods rich in trans fats

Chances are you use a lot of margarine, spreads and packaged foods that contain trans fats or unsaturated fats which are linked to abdominal fat gain.

It would therefore be a good idea to limit how much trans fats you consume. Also when shopping, always look out for foods containing hydrogenated fats as an ingredient when trying to lose weight.

Limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol comes second after fats in being most calorie-rich nutrient. Alcohol develops and stores excess fats that come in the form of belly fat.

This is due to its high sugar concentration and its ability to boost your appetite but interfering with the hormones responsible for hunger and satiability.

Just like most alcohol bottles read excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health is the same way you should take heed.

 Exercising will help you burn excess calories likely to cause belly fat (Image: Shutterstock)
Work on your stress triggers

Stress makes you release the Cortisol hormone which increase your appetite and could contribute to abdominal fat storage.

It is therefore important to find a way of releasing daily stresses and not drowning yourself in food. Try meditation, join a gym or yoga class or get a dog you can take for walks every evening.


We cannot stress how important exercising is to the body. Whether you are working on reducing weight or you are slim enough, keeping fit is important.

Exercising is also the easiest and fastest way of burning calories and reducing belly fat. Besides who isn’t a sucker for good health?

 Replace your junk foods with healthier meals and watch the magic happen (Image: Shutterstock)
Reduce carb intake

We are all guilty of taking too much carbs and putting blame on other things for our belly fat. When working out your diet plan, research on how much carbs your body can survive n in a day and stick to it.

Also you might want to replace refined carbs with unprocessed starchy carbs which are likely to improve your metabolic health and ultimately reduce belly fat.

Use coconut oil in place of fats

The best oil is Olive but we all know how expensive they are so alternatively we can work with coconut oil, which is equally healthy.

Due to its medium- chain fats, coconut oil will boost your metabolism and decrease the amount of fats stored in your body due to high calorie consumption.

Get enough sleep

By having an irregular sleep schedule or insomnia, you are likely to gain more fat than most people with normal sleeping schedules.

According to studies, people who don’t get sufficient sleep interfere and interchange their hunger and fullness hormones which could lead to overeating and weight gain.  

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