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Healthy Eating

Healthy foods for cold weather cravings

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During the cold, rainy season, you may find yourself not only eating more often and but also preferring high-calorie, starchy foods. You are also likely to become more sedentary, preferring to stay under the covers with a cup of hot chocolate and some biscuits rather than hit the gym.

Below are some tips on choosing healthy options to keep off the extra pounds during this Kenyan winter.

  • Skip the white potatoes and opt for nutritionally dense varieties like baked sweet potato and cassava.
  • Soups are great for keeping you warm but opt for water based broths rather than creamy varieties.
  • When cooking a one-pot stew, add your vegetables at different times to avoid overcooking.
  • Add some heat by cooking with chilli, which helps raise your internal temperature.
  • Millet porridge for breakfast will warm you up and keep you feeling fuller for longer during those cold mornings.

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