Evewoman : Foods you should avoid during your period


Foods you should avoid during your period

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You will experience cravings, bloating, hot flushes, mood swings the days leading up to and during your period. The foods that you eat on these days can have an effect on these symptoms and should be avoided. According to Flo, you need to up your nutrient intake eating foods rich in fibre, vitamins, protein and also increasing your water intake.

Below are some food you should avoid during your period.

Foods high in sugar

Foods like sweets, chocolate, cookies, etc., might help satisfy your sugar cravings and improve your mood but this will only be temporary. Opt for sugar from fruits or dark chocolate instead.


Bloating is a common symptom of PMS. Beans and other legumes cause bloating in some people. Avoid eating beans during this period to avoid bloating and keep you comfortable.

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During your menses, loss of blood could result in lowered blood pressure. Consuming alcohol during this period could speed-up the effects of alcohol consumption.

Spicy foods

Like beans, spicy foods can upset your stomach, giving you gas and make you bloated. If you really want to spice your food, choose natural spices like fresh chilli which won’t adverse effects on your stomach.

Processed foods

These contain high amounts of sodium which also contributes to bloating. Foods to avoid include pre-packaged snacks and foods.

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Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks have a lot of sugar. The carbon can also increase bloating. Drink plain water instead. Water will help with bloating.

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Fatty foods

Fried foods have high levels of trans fats which increase oestrogen levels.

Foods high in fat like dairy and certain cuts of meat affect your hormones also leading to higher oestrogen levels.  

Increased oestrogen levels can lead to heavy bleeding and more severe PMS symptoms.

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