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How often should you go for medical checkups?

Many people hate medical checkups claiming you are “looking” for sickness but this is something you should normalise as you grow older
By Esther Muchene Mar. 31, 2022
Cramps after sex are experienced by both men and women and it can happen for many reasons
By Esther Muchene Mar. 9, 2022
Did you know that about 10 percent of women and girls of reproductive age are affected by endometriosis?
By Nancy Nzalambi Mar. 5, 2022
As a woman grows older oestrogen levels drop a hormone that aids in superficial wound healing and maintaining skin moisture
By Nancy Nzalambi Feb. 24, 2022
Cramps are a normal part of menstruation but for some, the pain can be nearly unbearable
By Esther Muchene Feb. 22, 2022
“I have never used a condom. I was told that pleasure is not the same,” says a 17-year-old boy who started having sex at 14 years
By Rosa Agutu Feb. 15, 2022
Pamela Savai had been going for annual screening from 2015, but missed tests for two years. Come 2019 she was shocked to learn she had cervical cancer
By Gardy Chacha Feb. 10, 2022
In this month of love, it is important for women to incorporate healthy habits that have the potential to positively affect their sexual health
By Nancy Nzalambi Feb. 5, 2022
In the first year when the vaccine was launched, girls aged 10 were the target. But now girls aged 10 to 15 are also allowed to get the vaccine
By Gardy Chacha Feb. 4, 2022
The world could be moving closer to finding a vaccine for HIV after the first dose still in its trial stages was recently administered
By Saada Hassan Feb. 2, 2022
Oral sex might not lead to unplanned pregnancies, but it can cause myriad infections like STIs and throat cancer
By Rosa Agutu Jan. 27, 2022
It is common for boils to occur on different parts of the body but they tend to show up in moist places
By Esther Muchene Jan. 24, 2022