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From food intake to simple fitness routines. Find out how to look good inside and out

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Women have an inherent knack of keeping themselves looking good. You hardly walk out of your door with your hair undone, or with last night’s make-up.

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It goes further into minute details about the polish on your nails, ending up with matching clothes, shoes and everything else. All pretty glamorous. But can the same be said about your health?

You can take simple steps to keep your health in the same shape as your beauty. Once you have the right balance, your glamour rises a notch higher.

You can then always walk with an extra spring in your step, knowing that you are not only looking good on the outside, but are in tip top condition on the inside.

Your starting point is being conscious of the state of your health. It doesn’t matter how bad it is at the present, you will be making inroads into better health onwards. Start eating the right stuff, and make plans for cutting down excess weight.

Spare your money

You don’t need to invest in a dietician or a personal trainer. Include lots of greens and complex carbohydrates on your plate, and avoid lots of fats and red meats.

Include simple physical activities like walking, light jogging or taking the stairs instead of lifts in your routine. Fancy gyms are just that for the majority, you can spare your money for other needs.

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Next, cut down or simply avoid all the toxic stuff that we all crave for. Smoking trendy cigars may make you look modern, but all you end up with is raising your risk for heart disease, lung disease, cancer and lots more. That may make heads turn your way, but for the wrong reasons.

Other illicit drugs will get you on the same path. Aim to cut down on your alcohol. Keeping within recommended weekly limits boosts your health status, and also possibly keeps you on the right side of the law.

You should be aware of all the recommended screening tests for women’s health. Make it your duty never to miss any of the screening intervals. Cervical and breast cancer screenings are the obvious examples.

Get tested

Ask your gynaecologist about other screening tests that may be relevant to your individual circumstances. Screening tests give you a good chance of cure should anything nasty be caught early enough.

Don’t ignore any unusual pains and bumps that creep up on us every so often. If you can’t easily explain it, get it checked pronto.

Make sure you have some health cover of some sort. Balance this with seeking for the most affordable healthcare provider, of course taking quality into account. This will cover you for emergencies, and keep your health bills in check.

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Go on and be as trendy as they come. But make sure it’s all not just superficial. Being in optimal health adds some spice to all that glamour.

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