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What is it with Scots and kilts?

 Prince Charles and Camilla visit Ballater in Scotland [Evening Standard, UK]

King Charles III of Great Britain who is also known as the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, was recently spotted in a red and green tartan kilt - a wraparound knee-length skirt - teamed with red socks.

The image caused a stir online especially locally considering that it's a rare occasion to spot a man in Africa wearing a skirt, (a preserve for the female gender).

However, it is an old tradition in Scotland and Ireland where men don the kilts in line with the Scottish culture that dates back to the 18th century.

The King, who is now also the head of the 56 Commonwealth of Nations, the majority being Britain's former colonies, was on September 7, 2022, spotted in a kilt while attending a function at the UNESCO World Heritage site of New Lanark in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Why do Scottish men wear kilts?

In Scotland, a kilt is a symbol of pride and honour for the clan to which the wearer belongs. The first people to wear the kilts were those who lived in the Scottish Highlands.It is worth noting that the Scots regard kilts as formal and national dress although, with the changing trends, a few people wear them daily.

However, during national holidays, special occasions, and weddings, kilts are commonplace.

What many don't know is that kilt-wearing has its rules. For example, the wearer should ensure that the kilt is the right length. It should always land at the knee. Anything above or beneath the knee can make one look ladylike.

 Scots displaying their kilts [Research Snipers, England]

Do's and don'ts

The wearer of a kilt should match it with the vest and waistcoat (mostly produced using Acrylic wool).

The wearer is also advised to ensure that the waistcoat fits well and is not tight. Either, its petticoat ought to be sliced adequately short to prevent it from looking free from the front of the coat.

A kilt pin at the lower part is a must to it add weight to the front cover and hence prevent the wind from blowing it open.

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