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Love it: Bullies are everywhere, here’s how to cope

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Bullies exist in every sphere; at work, in your social circles, even in family relationships. So how do you stand up for yourself when you are face to face with a bully?

1. Speak to someone

Bullies are very good at grooming supporters; telling someone what is happening will avoid a bully isolating you, leaving you vulnerable to further attacks.

2. Speak up

Fighting fire with fire may not always be possible, particularly if your bully has authority over you, but speaking up for yourself in a calm manner can often leave a bully floundering.

3. Document everything

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Keeping written record of incidents will give you a reference point should you ever need to show evidence of bulling.

4. Leave

Leaving may feel like you’re giving up but leaving can be empowering as the choice to leave or stay is firmly in your hands.

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