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Five indicators that you are ready to move in with your partner

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Dating and seeing each other is normal in any relationship. Moving in and sharing a house is a big step altogether, sometimes even greater than getting married. While you may take it for granted, deciding to move in with your boyfriend is a major step for the both of you and should be well thought to avoid regrets.

While there is no specific set time for moving in, as different people consider moving in for various reasons, knowing the right time can do the two of you a lot of good. There exists several signs that you two are ready and can move in together for the good of your relationship. Some of these signs are;

You know each other

Moving in means you will spend almost all your time together. It also means you will have to know and be accommodative to each other’s shortcomings and this can only be achieved by knowing each other’s weaknesses and strengths. Failure to do this will raise arguments and fights once you can’t stand habits you didn’t know your partner possess and vice versa.

You can freely discuss your finances

One constant thing between two people sharing a house or a room is finances. This is because someone has to cater for water bills, electricity, TV and such. If you two can discuss each other finances together and not withhold information, then you can comfortably consider moving in. When you cannot talk about your money together, there will obviously be trouble when it comes to buying stuff and paying these bills.

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Your time together is great

Dating is glorious since you get to miss your partner when they are not around and so spend great times with them whenever they come around. However, once you start spending a lot of time together, sometimes you two find you do not share many opinions or interests which kills the thrill. If however you two can still laugh and create good times even after this long time, it means you are comfortable around each other and can move in together without a worry.

You share common goals

Having a partner who shares most of your life time goals is equal to having someone to walk with for the rest of your life. If the two of you have similar goals and share many opinions, it makes it easier for the relationship not just now but even in future. When the two of you can independently come up with ideas that the other half supports, this is an indicator that your thoughts are in the same line and the tow of you can combine efforts to meet your goals.

You are independent individuals

Many people in a relationship make the big step of moving in for convenience or to share expenses. This is wrong as soon they discover they cannot live with each other’s habits or tendencies. If however, the both of you are independent individuals, capable of making solo decisions that can influence the decisions, you can move in. Moving in together shouldn’t be used a sign of how much you love two love each other. It is a joint lifestyle agreement made together built on many things other than love.

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