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Kitchen gadget: Fish scraper

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How do you like your whole fish? I like mine either dried, deep fried, steamed, baked or stewed but what I do with is dependent on the recipe I have in mind at the time. Besides dried fish that I buy already prepared, when I have time, I buy fresh whole fish which I descale and clean myself then deep fry, bake, steam or stew thereafter. 

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Prepping fish for cooking can be a messy task. There is a little tool that is a must-have to get this messy job done. This tool is called a fish scrapper. I have had one for a very long time and recently upgraded to a fancier one.

Preparing raw fish can be a messy task, but there is a little tool that is a must-have to get this messy job done (Image: Amazon.com)

My new scraper is a neat little tool. Shaped like a fish, it has a cover that keeps fish scales from flying all over my kitchen while scaling the fish. It is raised at the bottom and the handle has hanging holes which can be used to hang the fish scraper on a hook -- a great space saver. This scraper has good grip, and has no edges that make it hard to keep clean (no fishy smells after washing it). I haven't seen any in the local market but you can order one Amazon where I got mine.

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