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How you can reduce cancer risk from grilled meats

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For years, there has been controversy about whether or not grilled meat causes cancer.

The answer lies in a surprising culprit. When meat is cooked at a high temperature, the amino acids, sugars and creatines form carcinogens. So even pan fried meats cooked at high temperatures have a cancer risk.

The risk is doubled by the mechanics of grilling. When meat juices drip onto fire causing it to flare up in flames and smoke, this creates hydrocarbons, which stick to the meat, increasing cancer risk.

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce your risk without compromising on your summer barbeques with friends and family. Marinate your meat, cook it at lower temperatures, manage flames and smoke, raise the grill rack, trim the fat and avoid processed meats.

If possible, use a gas grill to avoid smoke and flames altogether.

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