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Kitchen gadget: Two-in-one tea machine

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We've heard of coffee machines but tea machines are not as common. A hot cup of tea first thing in the morning after a warm shower or to relax with in the evening. No tea-stained sufurias to scrub. Sounds great, right? I am a coffee drinker and I like to kickstart each day with a hot cup of coffee, made with the touch of a button from my coffee maker. Whenever I have guests over who prefer tea, I end up wishing I could have the same convenience when making tea.

I had a tea machine a few years ago (gifted it to a cousin) and I loved it. I called her before writing this -- she still uses it and it works fine. I had it in my bedroom right on my bedside stand and, every morning, I woke up to the sound of its in-built alarm (goes off when the tea is ready) and the smell of tea brewing.

The tea machine comes with two pots, a kettle to boil your water and a pot where the boiled water pours into once boiled (this pot is where you place your tea bags). It’s a neat little gadget with a flat top where you can place your tea mug and milk jug.

I saw similar machines on Amazon for Sh20, 000 or more depending on brand.

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