Evewoman : Team mafisi who share women nudes are retards

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Team mafisi who share women nudes are retards

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I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Kenya’s Team Mafisi are the scum of the earth. Just when I was beginning to think that they could not possibly become any more despicable, they have come out to show us that when you’ve already sunk to such depths, what’s a few metres deeper?

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So, enter team Mafisi’s telegram channel. The description of the channel is, I kid you not, “we eat the eaten and bring evidence”. Basically, the sole purpose of the channel is to share nude photos and sex videos of women they have slept with.

The point of the channel completely eludes me. With the proliferation of free and accessible porn in recent years, why do they feel the need to have a telegram channel to share porn?

You’d think it is bad enough for them to expose these poor women like that but, oh no, it gets worse. They also thought it would be funny to include personal information in the offending material.

So, not only do they violate the women’s privacy by leaking their nude pictures, they throw in their names, contacts and social media links as well. With a whopping 13k (and growing) members, it has to be the most absurd thing I’ve seen in 2016.

When I first got wind of the channel, I found it hard to believe that there are people out there so vile and malicious as to distribute personal photos of a woman without her consent. It’s one thing to ask a woman for a nude photo, but another level of depravity to refuse to keep it private.

She acquiesced to your perverted request because she believed she was in a safe and trusting relationship. But you, without batting an eye lid, decided to wreak havoc on her privacy by distributing the photos in a group of 10k plus faceless pervs and you decide to give out her social media links as well for good measure. You violate her privacy and you invite other people to violate her as well.

What kind of animal are you? And for what? What kind of sick gratification are you getting from humiliating, degrading and reducing a woman to a sex object? It doesn’t matter how awful the woman whose nude photos you are exposing is.

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No human being deserves to have her dignity, privacy, and humanity stripped. It is a very real form of sexual abuse. Just because she consented for you to take the picture or she sent the picture to you, she is not consenting to thousands of strangers looking at that picture with you.

And trust the holier than thou masses to engage in victim blaming. If she didn’t want her nude photos out there, she should not have sent them, right? Nooo!

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