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Reasons why bee wax is important in our lives


When do you think of bees what comes to mind first? Honey! Rarely do we ever mention beeswax which equally has mighty health benefits all thanks to the honey bee?These tiny marvels create wax naturally and use it to build the comb structures in their hive. Not only is this wax used in the making of candles and beauty products but they come in handy in many other ways it is worth all the hype.

Here are 10 reasons why beeswax is one of the most important things in the world.

Lip balm

Unlike petroleum-based balms which have a funny taste and have to be constantly reapplied, lip balms made of beeswax don’t taste that bad and sticks to your skin. No matter how much you lick your lips, the balm stays on.


Many beauty products are made of synthetic chemicals that aren’t good for your body and overall health. As more people move away from these unnatural products, natural is the way to go and more companies are using beeswax to create everything from foundation to mascara.

Anti-itch medication

Beeswax is very good for the skin. If you suffer from skin problems such as eczema, chronically dry skin or other skin conditions, buy an anti-itch cream that has only natural ingredients with beeswax being the main one.

Alternative for chewing gum

If you are obsessed with chewing gum and want to stop it, place a piece of filtered beeswax and chew it until it dissolves. Not only will it help kick bad habits such as lip chewing and nail-biting but it is a great alternative to chemical laden chewing gums.


If you don’t have oil to lubricate squeaky windows and doors, try coating the hinges with a little beeswax. Not only will it lubricate but remove any dirt or rust build up.

Iron box cleaner

Iron boxes tend to get build up and burn clothes or leave unwanted marks when they get hot. Remove the marks by rubbing some beeswax and wiping. This works too for flat irons.


Most if not all kids will at one point be tempted to chew a piece of crayon and is this dangerous? Yes, it is. Just to be sure your kids are on the safe side, invest in beeswax crayons which are non-toxic. They may be pricier but if you’re the creative type, you can attempt to make some for your children. All you need is beeswax and natural pigments.

Furniture polish

To give your floors a shine without inhaling unnecessary chemicals, rub some beeswax and clean using a cloth. Not only will it prevent the wood from drying up but the protective layer will also extend the life of your wooden floors and tools.



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