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Kitchen gadget: Onion goggles

Onion goggles are made to offer clarity and eye protection (Image: Shutterstock)

Onions are a common ingredient in recipes. They give a distinct flavour to food like no other ingredient does. But chopping onions is a task not many like because of the chemical irritant they produce that stimulates our eyes' lachrymal glands to release tears.

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Onion goggles were created to take care of that. Made from soft comfortable form seal and anti-fog lenses, onion goggles are made to offer clarity and eye protection. Beside using them when chopping onions, you can wear them when you're out using the charcoal grill as you make chapattis or do your nyama choma.

The chemical irritant that onions produce stimulate our eyes' lachrymal glands to release tears (Image: Shutterstock)

If you wear eyeglasses, onion goggles can be worn over glasses and you can enjoy the job of chopping your onions with no problem at all. Check for a pair with online retailers like Amazon and AliExpress.

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