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Fuel it: Looking for a healthy alternative for unga?

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With all the negative press surrounding aflatoxin levels in many packaged maize meal products, it is a wise time to start looking for alternatives.

1. Polenta

Polenta is a ground cornmeal that originated in Italy. It can be used to make ugali as it is very similar in taste, texture and density, although it is yellow in colour.

2. Arrowroot flour

Cooked arrowroot, or nduma, is a popular accompaniment but arrowroot flour can also be used to make a very soft-textured ugali, with a high nutritional content and various health benefits.

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3. Sweet potato

While sweet potato flour is not ideal for making an ugali substitute, sweet potatoes themselves are filling and nutritious, rich in vitamin A and high in fibre.

4. Amaranth chapatis

Instead of the traditional wheat chapatis, opt for chapatis made with amaranth flour, instead for a tasty and nutritious alternative.

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