'Mortified' mum worries her son will be 'scarred for life' after walking in on his parents having sex - Evewoman


'Mortified' mum worries her son will be 'scarred for life' after walking in on his parents having sex

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The woman shared her concerns with other parents on Mumsnet, who helped her find humour in the situation...

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What's the most compromising situation you can imagine your kids walking in on? Yep, that one...

One mum took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share her concerns with others after her seven-year-old son walked in on her having sex with her husband.

She wrote: "The youngest was having a nap and the eldest two were happily playing in the garden (we could hear them through the open window).


"DH ( dear husband) decides an impromptu mid-morning quickie is in order and who would I be to deny him (and me) this satisfaction given these opportunities are rare, especially in the summer holidays with three kids."

So far, so normal - but it quickly took a turn for the worse...

She continues: "So we were mid fling, in let's say a 'less than conventional' position - which may or may not involve the numbers 6 and 9 - when I got a sudden sense of being watched. "

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"I look up to find DS (dear son), aged 7, standing mouth agog at the end I the bed (god knows how as this child NEVER does anything quietly). Rightly or wrongly I scream at him to get out. I am mortified.

"I quickly chuck on a pair of joggers and a T-shirt to go locate DS to do some damage limitation for a chat.


"Please tell me I haven't scarred my child for life, I'm not sure I can afford the therapy bill!"

If she was looking for reassurance, she probably should have asked somewhere else.

Other mums, seeing the funny side, commented: "You have indeed scarred your child for life.

"He will still be shuddering at this when he's 101 years old and about to shuffle off this mortal coil."

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One added: "You were asking for trouble there! Oh and yes all of your kids friends parents will hear, and possibly teachers, and of course grandparents..."

But the mortified mum seemed to see the humour in it, commenting: "I will try and remember this next time - which will be after all the children have left home."

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