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Do you know what goes on in your teen's mind?

As young people undergoing rapid physical, environmental, and socio-emotional changes teenagers are vulnerable to stress and external difficulties
By Sharon Wanga 4h ago
Excessive saliva build-up in the mouth also called ptyalism gravidarum in pregnancy is one of those strange pregnancy symptoms some moms-to-be experience
By Rodgers Otiso May. 25, 2023
For fear of adding extra weight and eagerness to bounce back after the delivery, some women opt to eat sparingly during pregnancy
By Eve Writer Mar. 23, 2023
It may be hard to believe, but when placed on their mother’s chest after birth, many newborns can make their way to the breast and latch on without much assistance
By Nancy Nzau Feb. 8, 2023
It can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for babies to have diaper rashes, which makes it nearly impossible for parents to manage the issue while maintaining their sanity
By Fay Ngina Feb. 2, 2023
If you are planning to get pregnant soon, here are key tips you need to remember in order to have a smooth and easy journey
By Eve Writer Jan. 26, 2023
Before the baby comes, you need to take time out to enjoy peace and calm before you become a parent. And the best way you can do this is by planning a babymoon
By Esther Muchene Dec. 6, 2022
Congratulations! In a few weeks, your baby will arrive, but in the meanwhile, here are things you need to do as you wait and prepare
By Esther Muchene Dec. 3, 2022
By the age of 40, over 40 per cent of women will experience problems conceiving. Beyond 45, women will rarely conceive with their own eggs
By Dr Alfred Murage Nov. 29, 2022
Teen suicide rates are becoming more alarming, and seeing these signs early could potentially save a life
By Esther Muchene Nov. 24, 2022
Do you ever wonder whether you are properly burping your baby? When to perform it or if you are holding them correctly?
By Esther Muchene Nov. 18, 2022
Besides eating healthy during pregnancy, you also need to know what you should be avoiding. Despite being generally healthy, some foods and drinks can be harmful to the baby
By Esther Muchene Nov. 11, 2022