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Best smoothie combinations you should try

 Best smoothies you should try (Photo: Courtesy)

Smoothies are loved for so many reasons. They are filling, easy to make and the best part is that they taste amazing.

Aside from those benefits, they are so versatile when it comes to healthy eating because they can help you gain or lose weight depending on what your goals are.

While there are hundreds of smoothie combinations to make, it can be hard to figure out what will work for you.

If you try to mix random ingredients that don’t go well together, you will end up with a backfired smoothie and a stomach ache.

Well, that doesn’t have to happen with these combos that are super yummy and can be made in under 30 minutes:

 Pineapple, mango and mint smoothie (Photo: Courtesy)
Pineapple, mango and mint smoothie

This smoothie will instantly make you feel like you are on a tropical island. The flavors blend so well and you can enjoy this on a hot day.

To prepare, you will need ripe, peeled and chopped pineapples and mangoes, two or three chopped mint leaves and finally, milk or plain yoghurt, depending on how thick and creamy you want your smoothie to be.

You can try different combinations and toss in some ice to make it more cool and refreshing.

Peanut butter, cocoa and banana smoothie

This is a great recipe if you want to spoil yourself a little with something healthy. There is a good amount of nutritional value in this smoothie and you can make this a part of your healthy snack list if you are looking for a protein boost.

Chop the ripe bananas, add a scoop or peanut butter and one table spoon of cocoa powder. Then, add some water, milk or yoghurt and blend well.

 Spinach smoothie (Photo: Courtesy)
Spinach smoothie

Drinking vegetable smoothies is a brilliant way of bring in more veggies into your diet without having to prepare them the traditional way.

You will need a few spinach leaves, one or two table spoons of lemon juice, honey to sweeten and any non-dairy milk of your choice to make it creamy.

With this spinach smoothie, you should try and add your own flavor into it by mixing in ingredients like bananas, avocado and a bit of ginger or mint for a more flavorful blend.

Zesty carrot and orange smoothie

There is another veggie smoothie you can try out. The flavor of oranges and carrots usually blend so well and this smoothie might just become your new fav.

All you need to do here is chop a few carrots to make blending easier, a few pieces of orange fruit, coconut milk and chopped bananas or mango pieces if you like.

Blend everything together, serve and enjoy your vitamin packed smoothie.

 Mango and strawberry smoothie (Photo: Courtesy)
Mango and strawberry smoothie

This thick smoothie is perfect if you want to switch things up and try a smoothie bowl.

Peel and chop ripe mangoes, add a few strawberries as well as some milk or yoghurt. Think of experimenting with plain yoghurt or strawberry yoghurt.

If you choose to enjoy your smoothie in a bowl, chop and add some pieces of fresh strawberry.

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