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Nine signs you are suffering from PCOS

 PCOS is a lifelong condition managed through medication and healthy living (Shutterstock)

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that has affected so many women all over the world.

It causes changes in the body mainly because of the dominance of male hormones like androgen and testosterone.

Unfortunately, it’s a lifelong condition that’s managed through medication and healthy living. There are some signs and symptoms that could indicate the presence of PCOS. Here are some important ones you need to know in case you suspect you may have PCOS

1.Menstrual irregularities

This is one of the main symptoms of the condition. You might notice that your periods don’t necessarily come every month and in some cases they cease completely. Periods shouldn’t disappear months at a time.

You need to get checked if you’ve experienced these signs. Another sign of these irregularities is heavy bleeding where the blood even soaks through pads. Or, the flow can be lighter than usual which causing some spotting to occur.

2.Hirsutism (unusual hair growth)

That imbalance of insulin and male hormones in the body can cause hair to grow on the chin, bums, back or chest.

Both men and women have hair, only that in women the hair is less thick and discreet. With hirsutism, the hair is thick and quite noticeable.

Some women can grow thick chest hair, moustaches and a full beard which can damage their esteem. You’re forced to shave constantly or go for laser hair removal treatments.

3.Severe acne

This isn’t to be confused with the acne that pops up during puberty because the underlying cause is different.

The male hormones cause your skin to produce too much oil, which leads to breakouts. The acne can appear on areas such as the back and face.

4.Hair loss

Hair can break off because of external reasons. You might have used chemicals that damage your follicles or even put hairstyles that cause alopecia.

But with PCOS, the problem starts inside the body. It causes balding at the top, severe breakage and alopecia. It is best to get checked if you’re hair starts to fall off suddenly without any external triggers.

5.Fertility problems

PCOS is a huge reason why women experience fertility problems. The cysts block the ovaries and prevent normal functioning of the reproductive system. This doesn’t mean that all women who have the condition can’t get pregnant.

In fact, there are many testimonies of those who have successfully had children while managing PCOS. However, it can make it hard to conceive and lead to other problems like miscarriages.

6.Weight gain

The condition can cause rapid weight gain and it also makes it hard to lose weight. Many women face a lot of judgment when people assume they never eat healthy.

The insulin imbalance in the system is the underlying reason for these changes. This is a common symptom in most women with PCOS.

7.Dark skin patches

This can occur on the neck, knees, armpits or even fingers. It almost looks like a dirt patch on the skin when in real sense it’s caused by insulin imbalance. No amount of scrubbing and washing can remove these patches.

8.Mood swings

Another common sign associated with PCOS is serve mood changes. It can even lead to depression, body image issues and other mood disorders. Female and male hormonal imbalance contributes to this symptom.


You might have trouble falling asleep and even when you do, you won’t feel well rested. It can also cause daytime tiredness and increased stress because you’re not well rested. The most probable cause is insulin resistance.

PCOS can deeply affect your quality of life. There’s no direct cure but there are some medications and treatments to help manage the symptoms.

You can also work on personal steps to cope. Try and practice mindfulness, which keeps your mental health in check, eat healthy, exercise and accept your imperfections.

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