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Reasons your lips are on a dry spell




There is nothing annoying like having chapped lips, especially when you are going on a date with your crush, girlfriend or boyfriend plus it’s normally painful. Maybe you had planned to have the first make out session but the lips are on a dry spell and not attractive to look at. It’s normal to have chapped lips and that could mean you are not taking good care of them. Never assume anytime you observe that the lips dry and peeling off, look for avenues to moisturize them. Some of us, apply lip-balm or Vaseline. Others lick their lips to moisturize with the saliva but that is not effective.

If you do not know why the lips are drying and peeling off. These are the causes:

Dehydration- this is when your body does not have enough water to carry out other functions in the body. Since there is no fluid in the system, your body is forced to pull water from the skin and it dries you out. The dried out skin affects your lips, scalp and other body parts.

Allergic to some products- lips are quite sensitive and we should learn how to maintain them. Once you observe that your lips are allergic to a certain lipstick brand, trash it or else nobody will want to smooch. Products that are not relating to your skin could cause dry lips and irritation.

Lack of Vitamin B12 in your diet- vitamins are nutrients we need to include in our diet every day because it’s body-building. One of the main vitamins needed is the vitamin B12 which is found in foods like milk, mushrooms, spinach, yogurt, and meat. If you there is no B12 it will lead to lip cracking.

Sunburn galore- there are times when you feel like your lips have chapped but it's sunburned. Anytime it’s hot or traveling to the Coastal region, carry sunscreen with you and apply on your lips.

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