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Secrets to living a healthy life


Some people never seem to get sick. They glow with health, while everyone else keeps moving from one ailment to another. Are they just plain lucky, or doing something the rest of us are missing out on? Don’t just be envious, try and embrace some of the secrets of those who always appear to be in good health. You too can join their exclusive club, by putting into practice some of the following tips.


Maintain some level of regular physical activity. This calms your body and mind, helping boost your immunity and relieve stress. Additionally, you improve your cardiovascular health, break down excess fat and, maintain muscular and bony health. Your risks of hypertension, stroke and diabetes start coming down pretty fast. Combining physical activity with some form of relaxation techniques is great for the mind and soul. Meditation, yoga, massage, reiki, or whatever relaxation techniques you are comfortable with will do the trick.


Eat well, easier said than done. Pack in lots of plant foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, garlic etc. You know the lot. Combine these with lots of water to maintain good levels of hydration, keeping your body cells well-nourished and free of toxins. Limit intake of animal products and processed foods. Don’t shy away from predetermined care-free days when you can indulge on whatever you fancy. This takes care of your cravings, but don’t overdo it.


Avoid toxins. Smoking, alcohol and drugs together contribute to many ailments in the modern world. Let’s name a few: respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and premature deaths. The list is longer, but all such diseases are avoidable by simply stopping toxic habits. There are plenty of choices if you need help with excessive habits.


Wash your hands, over and over again. Simple and obvious really, but surveys report time and again that we don’t wash our hands enough. Think of all the germs in wash rooms, computer keyboards, mobile phones, door knobs, stair railings and other people’s hands! Proper hand washing with soap and water gets rid of lots organisms, protecting you and your folk from many contagious diseases.


Sleep well. Lots of studies show many beneficial effects of a good night’s sleep. Aim for 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Your body produces hormones that boost your immunity when you are snoozing soundly. So called power naps during your working day have health benefits too.


Nurture positivity about your health. Some research suggests that people who have a positive emotional style - described as happy, enthusiastic and calm, are less likely to catch some ailments. Positivity also promotes diversity of your social networks, with some supportive evidence of lower propensity to common ailments and even heart disease!

Go on, emulate the not so secretive habits of the super healthy. Your life will be more fulfilling.

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