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Confessions: My friend's planning a tattoo in honour of my unborn baby - it's freaking me out

 Her partner is furious with her friend's decision (Shutterstock)

Tattoos are for life, so it's important you choose what you want wisely.

While it's not uncommon for people to get the name of a loved one or a favourite animal or quote tattooed, one woman has gone above and beyond as she's decided to get her friend's baby's name inked before the child is even born.

The woman said: "My friend just told me she wants to tattoo the name of my unborn child (due in August)."

When she asked her why she wanted the tattoo, her friend told her "it would be fun", especially since the pair never ended up getting a tattoo together.

"Freaked out" by her pal's decision, the mum-to-be tried to change her mind by suggesting a tattoo of a symbol with the first letter of the name instead, but she didn't budge.

The woman said: "She told me that I shouldn’t worry because she hasn’t finalised the idea and is still saving up for it."

Although she acknowledges that it's her body so it's her choice, she admits it "freaks me out and angers my partner," especially as the baby will be named after her dad who passed away two years ago.

"I feel like my unborn child is already being claimed", she added.

She took to Reddit to ask users for advice on whether she would be out of order for telling her friend not to get it done.

The post was flooded with some really helpful comments, but the majority of people said there wasn't really anything she could do to stop her friend from getting something tattooed on her own body.

One said: "You're right about her body her choice. You can't stop her.

"But that's really creepy. It's your child. She has no relationship with your child. Your child isn't even born yet.

"Tell her you think it's disrespectful to your bond with your own child and that she's overstepping boundaries."

Another person wrote: "I wouldn't be letting that friend around my child with that kind of creepy behavior.

"Definitely let them know that makes you uncomfortable.

"Maybe even lie and say you changed the name because of it, they can get some other random name tattooed on them if they're gonna be weird lol."

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