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Love it: Coping with social isolation

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As we enter a period of less social contact with the outside world, we may begin to feel the stress of isolation. This can manifest in anxiety, depression, loneliness and insomnia, to name a few. This is because we are inherently social beings, with social connections widely considered a fundamental need.

To combat this, it is necessary to implement some interventions such as:

1. Inward facing interventions: Engage in activities that encourage positive introspection like reading scripture, meditation and deep breathing, keeping a journal or reading a book.

2. Social engagement: Arrange online chats with individuals or groups of friends and family, join online forums and form new social networks.

3. Physical challenges: Set small physical goals to achieve daily like walk 5km, do 30 minutes yoga or even simple things such as clean house, do laundry or cook a nice meal.

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