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Ingredient of the week: Garlic salt

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Garlic, kitunguu saumu in Kiswahili, is always within arm’s reach in my kitchen. But this article is on garlic salt, a combination of garlic and salt. A quick and handy two-in-one ingredient great for your meals.

Once upon a time in my life, I added too much salt to all my food when cooking and while eating. Most of the time, I added salt to my food even before tasting it.

Fast forward to 2019, I hardly do so any more. Garlic salt changed all that. Now, I make my own garlic salt which is a seasoning salt. It allows me to measure the quantities (unlike the store-bought version).

Once I have minced and dried my garlic, I combine it with either pink salt, sea salt or herbal salt (ratio is 10 buds garlic to 250g salt). I use large crystal salt as opposed to table salt. With large crystal salt, the volume of the salt in a teaspoon is way less then table salt.
The one benefit of garlic salt (homemade with large crystal salt) is less salt consumption. If you’re a person who eats too much salt, try this homemade garlic salt. In as much as I make my own, garlic salt is available and sold in health shops for about Sh200 for 100g.

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