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Fuel it: The proper way to eat sushi

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While most of us are familiar with sushi, there are many dos and don’ts surrounding the practice of eating sushi.

1. Dip your sushi fish side down. Don’t soak the rice, rotate the sushi and dip the fish side only.

2. Do not mix wasabi into your soy sauce unless you’re eating sashimi. Instead, apply only the smallest amount on top of your fish.

3. Eat sushi fish side down. This is in order to get the full flavour and texture of fish on your tongue.

4. Eat ginger in between sushi pieces. The ginger is meant to act as a palette cleanser.

5. Only pour out a little soy sauce and top up as necessary. It is taboo to waste soy sauce.

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6. Use your hands except for sashimi. This allows you to feel the texture and not damage it with chop.

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