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Qualities of a good spice grinder

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I like my coffee freshly ground before brewing a pot. To have my coffee beans ground every day, I use an electric grinder also called a mill.

I have two grinders one for coffee and the other for herbs and spices. I do this not to mix the flavours. The last thing I would want is to have my coffee taste spicy or vice versa.

You can use a grinder to crush coffee beans or whole spices

A good grinder should have removable stainless steel bowls and blades, a safety lock to keep the top secure when grinding your coffee beans or spices, speed controls (most have 4 speed levels with a pulsing option). It should be easy to clean and store.

There is vast brand variety in the market with prices ranging from as low as Sh1, 500 for a fairly good brand. Grinders/mills are available in supermarkets, and kitchenware shops.

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