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Kitchen gadget: Manual meat mincer

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Getting minced pork or chicken will have you going from butchery to butchery. These two meats, sadly, are not popular in minced form despite them being healthier than red meat. Having a mincer will save you the trouble.

That is not to say it cannot be used to mince red meat. In fact, for as long as I have had a mincer, I have spent less money as I buy meat cuts then mince whenever I need to.

The manual mincer, compared to the electric one, is easy to assemble and clean. Best of all, it is pocket friendly. I like it most because I can use it wherever I go. I carry it with me on my cooking travels and I never have to worry about electricity. It has an adjustable holder that can be fixed on any surface edge.

It is made of aluminium alloy material which is durable and long lasting. I also use it to mince vegetables like onions, tomatoes, dhania, garlic, ginger, baby food (when my son was younger) and fruit.

With Sh. 2,500-4,000, you get yourself a manual meat mincer. They are available in major supermarkets and kitchen appliance shops.

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