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Six healthy snack ideas you can carry to work

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As you make an effort to always eat healthy, it’s important to ensure that your snacks are healthy too. Choosing healthier snacks will help you stay full for longer periods of time preventing you from snacking too often. Healthy snacking like healthy eating can contribute to weight loss.

Below are some healthy snacks you can eat both at home and in the office.

1. Mixed nuts

They contain fat, fibre and protein and will keep you full for longer. Go for roasted nuts rather than fried.

2. Fruits

You can choose from a variety of fruits such as avocados, apples, bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe (sweet melon), oranges and pears.

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Avocados can be eaten sliced and sprinkled with salt and cayenne pepper for a spicy kick or you can make a dip or guacamole and eat it with some vegetables.

3. Raw vegetables

Vegetables such as carrots and cucumber make great snacks. Eat them alone or with a dip.

4. Crisps

Oven-baked crisps are healthier than store-bought ones which tend to be fried and too salty. Slice up sweet potato, eggplant, apples or zucchini, place them on an oven tray with a drizzle of oil and salt to taste and allow to bake until crispy.

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5. Dark chocolate

A piece of dark chocolate combined with nuts will give you a sweet, salty, delicious snack.

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6. Hard boiled eggs

These are filling and will keep you going for longer.

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