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Employers should send applicants regret letters if they do not qualify for jobs!!


I have a very dear friend who is quite frustrated. My friend, who was once an established career mum, lost her job after the bank she was working for undertook a massive restructuring.

Her job search she tells me has been a psychologically torturous experience. Even though she has sent hundreds of applications in the past six months, she has not landed a job yet. It appears like most companies have frozen hiring.

But her biggest frustration is one – employers have no courtesy to even respond back when you do not make it.

"Maureen can you imagine I have applied for more than 100 jobs since the year began and I have attended several interviews. I have even been shortlisted in the top five list several times. When I reach this level, it raises my hopes and I start to feel this is it. So here I am holding on to hope, then I discover a few months later the company has already filled the position. They should just tell me they got somebody so that I move on," my friend lamented.

Knowing that I am a columnist, she requested me to pen an article on this perhaps to see if employers will change their 'evil ways'.

So today, on behalf of all the frustrated job seekers who have applied for numerous jobs and had high hopes of landing that plum job, I ask you employers, why don't you send unsuccessful candidates rejection letters so that they can accept and move on?

I am no expert in this, but it is totally inhumane for Human Resource to go mum on job seekers who have taken their time to send world class applications and appear for rigorous interviews and finally made it to the top 10 list.

Yes I know sometimes there are mass applicants for a position so you cannot reach out to all of them. But hey, there is software that can send automated email to the shortlisted applicants who did not meet the final cut.

I know companies are soulless, but it is simply unprofessional to go quiet on all candidates who reached the final interview just because you settled on the final person.

According to international human resource experts The Advance Group, though sending rejection letters is not a priority for most HR people, it is one of the hallmarks of a great company and demonstrates how professional the employer is.

To some companies, rejection letters may be a waste of company time and resources, but to a job seeker who has sent 1000 applications and has been called for that one interview, it means everything.

It gives them the much needed signal and strength to keep applying, because the door is not open yet. It's a closure they desperately need so that they can find the strength to send more applications.

Sending job seekers rejection letters demonstrates that even though you did not hire them, you value their skills and appreciate that they took their time to apply for the job and attend the interview.

The writer is a married working mother of a toddler boy and a pre-school girl. She shares her experience of juggling between career, family and social life.

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