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The kitchen knife set: Do we know what each is used for?

These sets are sold everywhere from the streets, to supermarkets to household goods shops for Sh1500 - Sh10,000 a set. But do we know what they are all used for? Most are sold as a set of six inclusive of a knife file.

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Butcher Knife/Cleaver: Its flat, rectangular-shaped blade comes in different sizes depending on use. Use it to cut raw meat or crush garlic and ginger on a chopping board. Great for cutting pineapples and melons.

Bread Knife: Resembling a saw, it has a long, evenly-sized blade with a sharp serrated edge. Use it to cut soft items like bread and slice seafood, poultry, meats and cakes.

Utility knife: Resembles a chef’s knife but is smaller and slimmer and is used for chopping smaller vegetables and foods, slicing or coring fruits and vegetables and trimming excess fat. It tackles tasks too small for a chef’s knife but too big for a paring knife. It is found in most kitchens.

Chef’s knife: Its curved blade helps it rock back and forth on a chopping board, making it ideal for chopping and dicing vegetables. Its blade’s broad heel area chops thicker and harder foods like onions and potatoes.

Carving knife: It has a sharp blade and is ideal for making thin, smooth even slices of chicken, ham or turkey. It can also be used for slicing larger vegetables like brinjals and melons.

Paring Knife: Light and small, it has an evenly-sized blade and pointed tip. Use it to chop, slice and cut fruits and vegetables and harder foods like potatoes and perform delicate tasks like trimming, peeling, and removing seeds from fruits and vegetables.

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