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Amina Abdi;Motherhood is my greatest achievement

Achieving Woman


In feisty ten,Amina Abdi, Radio Presenter, Capital FM tells us why motherhood is her greatest achievement yet.

Given three seconds... how would describe yourself.?

I am Amina, a mother with a vivacious personality who hopes to one day leave a legacy. I am also my own worst critic. I love the fact that I am so family-oriented and see the need to put a smile on peoples’ faces.

You recently became a mom, what do you enjoy most about it?

(Laughs) Everything. It is the one thing in life that is not overrated. From changing diapers to feeding him. I love it and I would not trade it for anything else in the world. Being a mother is my greatest achievement in life, I must say.

What cravings did you have while you were pregnant?

Ethiopian ‘anjera’.

You don’t look like you struggled to get back into your shape after giving birth...what’s the secret?

During my pregnancy, I tried eating right. It was hard but I did it for the health of my baby. Also, it is old wives tale to eat too much since ‘you are eating’ for two. Just eat enough for you and the baby will be just fine.

What has been your ritual before you go on air?

I have to get my play-list ready, sit down with Soulo (my co-host) and discuss the latest in both news and entertainment. Get our features in order, eat then go on air for a killer show.

Sometimes ‘celebrities’ get carried away with fame and money that come with it how do you maintain your cool?

My husband John Rabar, has great experience on the industry. He wastes no time telling me when I am veering off the path.

You appeared in a certain publication among other beauties with the most sexy eyes...what is your secret to looking this good?

Good genes (laughs). I honestly do not have a beauty regimen although I do a facial once a month and, of course, you know every girl can do with some make-up.

How do you spend me-time?

I love going to the spa but if I am at home, I watch comedy any time.

What is your advice to women who would want to venture into radio?

There are no short cuts in life, get ready to work hard.

In five years, where are we likely to get Amina?

In TV production. Hopefully I will be producing my own show on TV. I cannot divulge further details at the moment though.




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