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Trending stories of the year: Most-read headlines on Eve Digital in 2018

The most-read story of 2018 on Eve Digital involved the visit to the country by former President of the U.S. Barack Obama. The visit made headlines world over, not solely for its phenomenal touch being Obama’s first to his country of origin since he left office, but because Michelle did not accompany him ‘home.’

Three other stories were on personalities- the sad news of fashion blogger Kryzayda Rodriguez succumbing to cancer; the arrest and detention of TV queen Jacque Maribe; and the 2018 World Cup sweetheart, the President of Croatia Kolinda Kitrovic.

Also dominating the top slots were relationship and lifestyle stories. Clearly men are concerned about their sex life if the 2018’s best Between the Sheets story- dangerous sex positions for men should avoid- humongous readership is anything to go by.

It is the time to look back and celebrate our most popular stories. We revisit the moments and trends of 2018 as we highlight our most-read stories of the year:

  1. Why did Michelle skip Obama’s Kenyan tour?

While Obama’s low-key landing at JKIA with journalists not allowed to capture his arrival and later his meeting with President Uhuru Kenyatta at State House and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga arguably marked the highlights of his visit, it is the conspicuous absence of Michelle that got Kenyans bothered.

Having spent more than a week at neighbouring Tanzania, most Kenyans could not fathom why the former U.S. First Lady skipped her husband’s trip ‘home,’ just across the border.

Well, she was later spotted letting loose at Beyonce and Jay-Z concert in Paris on Sunday night, the same day Obama jetted into Kenya. She was with her daughter Sasha.

  1. Intimate positions men need to avoid

Even though missionary is regarded as the least exotic and adventurous of all the positions, it comes out as second most dangerous. So don't get complacent.

With that in mind, you probably want to know which positions to steer clear of - or at least be aware of when you should be taking extra care to avoid that 'blunt force' of your penis fracturing.


Kyrzayda Rodriguez
  1. The last words of Kryzayda Rodriguez, famous fashion blogger who succumbed to cancer

Kyrzayda Rodriguez, the popular Instagram blogger from the Dominican Republic, died after a 10-month battle with stomach cancer. Even after being diagnosed with stage four cancer, she never shied from openly talking about her treatment with her followers. She regularly shared posts about her chemotherapy treatments and losing her hair.

In August, on one of her posts on Instagram, she openly wrote to her fans that she would be discontinuing her chemotherapy treatment, stating that the treatment was not helping her as she had desired. May her soul rest in peace.

President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
  1. Hottest President in the world? Photos of Croatian President Kolinda Kitrovic

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the fourth president of Croatia, won many hearts during this World Cup season as she passionately cheered on her national team in the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

Apart from being a smart politician and her love for sports, the 50-year-old also makes headlines with her eye candy fashion sense and boldness in flaunting her body.

Nyege Nyege Festival 2018
  1. Photos: How Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival went down

The four-day annual cultural event is synonymous with curvy ladies donning booty shorts as they flaunt their bodies. 2018’s Nyege Nyege International Festival went down at Nile Discovery Beach in Jinja with thousands of merry-makers treated to a blend of musical hits- and we have it all captured in photos for you!

Smoking and other habits that you look older
  1. Habits that make you look older

Looking young is everyone’s cup of tea as is seen with the efforts people put to it. However, despite trying, there are many times when one may look a little bit older than they actually are. This story compiles the common day-to-day habits that speed up your aging rate, making you look older.

How to know a cheating woman
  1. 5 things women do when they are cheating

While we have been conditioned to believe that men cheat most, the tide is fast shifting and more and more women are straying out of their marriages and relationships.

In as much as it may be difficult to find out exactly when a woman is cheating, there are certain behaviors she will display that can give her away!

Magazine jinx?
  1. To share or not to share? Couples who made magazine covers but split not long after

Gracing magazine covers with beautiful photo-shoots and being featured flaunting their romances, these are relationships that made us envious, and wanting to know how to also create small paradises of our own. But not so fast. Not all of them stood the test of time. Could it be a jinx of magazine covers?

Jacque Maribe and her fiance, Jowie, in court
  1. Seven lessons women can learn from Maribe

Circumstances in life can change, so always keep a sense of humility and perspective about who you get intimate with. Here, we have seven A to G thing we can glean from Jaque Maribe’s story with her fiancé Jowie Irungu.

Reasons why guests at your wedding should unplug
  1. Six reasons why you should ban phones and social media from your wedding

Today's 'normal' people can hardly stay five minutes without glancing at their gadgets, that’s a fact, but should it steal the attention from you at your wedding? We compile seven vital reasons why guests at your wedding should unplug and stay away from their gadgets.

Avocado a day
  1. What eating avocados a day can do for you

A bonus for the avocado battalion- just outside the top ten is this motivating story about avocados that have gone to group of schools and those that have gone to public schools. It highlights the benefits of eating avocados every day, a solid backing to the avocado memes

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